Subscription License (Monthly & Annual Premium)

If you sign up to any of subscriptions, all downloads of “Premium Designs”“Freebies” and “Bundles” will be under this terms of these licenses as soon as the purchase is completed. Is that easy!

Commercial Usage


  • Make and sell physical end products! (Shirts, stickers, mugs, posters, pillows, jewelry, bags, and more)
  • Create Unlimited End Products*
  • Generate unlimited End Products sales*
  • Modify the designs for creative purposes as long as they are not claimed as yours. For example: you can change the color, move elements and letters, etc.
  • Keep selling products after your subscription is cancelled. For example, you can still sell existing “t-shirts, decals, mugs, etc”  that you made even when you had an active subscription.
  • Keep using the designs for making physical products after your subscription ends. Selling already existing items with the design is allowed.


  • Share, transfer, assign, sub-license, copy, resell, or distribute any of the digital files.
  • Modify the digital files to create other design and resell as your own, copyright remains the property of
  • Make more items with designs. Your licensing terms end when your subscription ends. You won’t have access to the designs and updates anymore. However, the items that were created previously will be allowed to be sold.
  • Use the designs in a logo, trade-mark, brand image or brand.

Print-On-Demand (POD) Usage

POD is the abbreviation for Print-On-Demand. It is a way to sell different types of products without the need to of making/printing them by yourself. A third-party printing service prints and fulfills the order for you. Here you will find FAQ about POD


  • Take the design and with no or minimal modifications create items that you sell on Print on Demand sites such as RedBubble, Amazon Merch, TeeSpring, etc
  • Generate unlimited sales via POD sites*
  • Ship world-wide valid POD products*


  • Combine different items to create a ‘new’ design and upload as yours.
  • Make the design available to download.
  • Keep selling designs on POD sites after you end your subscription. (You should remove all of the designs that you uploaded to POD Websites) Your licensing terms end when your subscription ends. You won’t have access to the designs and updates anymore.

Digital use of the files is strictly prohibited.