Frequently Asked Questions

All of your files will come in a zip format including: Svg, Png, Eps & Dxf formats. Once you unzip them, Svg files will normally come as a web browser icon like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer; that’s completely normal because Svg’s are html files, but once you upload them to you cutting machine app, they will work perfectly.

Sure! Cutting machines are well adapted to work with these files on mobile devices, even on cellphones. In order to unzip, we recommend downloading the iZip application from the AppStore to have a better organization and making the process easier.

If it says that the account doesn’t exist you could maybe search for your registration confirmation in another email, if you don’t find it, try registering again.
If it’s says that it already exists, try changing your password.

Free designs are allowed for personal use only. To access to thousands of premium designs and use them for your business, look up for one of our subscriptions.

Yes, we do, but it’s a very specific style of designs. We don’t make drawings or things that are not adapted to be cut files, but feel free to send us an email to or leaving us a message in our Instagram @luasvg and let us know the design/designs of your inspiration. We will let you know if the design is viable to do so then we can make an agreement.

We accept debit or credit card, and PayPal.

No, files can be used for a number of other programs and mediums such as lasers, engravers, and more.

All our free designs are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you have a small business and are interested in using our designs in your business, take a look at our subscriptions →.

Unzip Files

Your files will always come in a zip format. You will not be able to use them until you unzip them. To do it:

There are several applications that you can install on your pc to unzip files, however, most of the computers already come with this predetermined function. The first thing that you have to do is locating your zip, it will be in the “Downloads” folder of your files. Once you locate it we recommend copying it and moving it to a new folder where you keep the svgs from our store. The way to unzip it will be right-clicking the file; here you will have these two important options: “Extract here” or “Extract all”. By extracting all you will have the chance to select the folder where you want to extract your files in, but if you already are inside of your new folder, “extract here” will be the fastest way to do it.

Just double click the zip and it will automatically unzip.

Once you download your files you have to locate your zip in the “Downloads” folder of your device. Then we recommend downloading the iZip App from the AppStore in order to make the process easier and more organized. After that, open the iZip app and it will guide you to unzip your files and selecting the folder where you want them to be.

Locate the zip in your “Downloads” folder of your files. Click on the zip that you want to unzip. Select the documents that you want to extract from it with a long press. On the right upper part of the screen you will find three dots, click on them and select the opción “Extract to” and choose where you want your files to be extracted.